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Manage your energy field

By: Sanjivini Kalsi i Energy management is actually one of the best ways to spending your energy more wisely and help to cut your cord from all the negativity that is not good for your higher self !!! When we learn to manage our energy, we create healthier choices, activities and action. You will see the […]

Kookie’s Coo – My Creative Nest

  Kookie’s Coo – My Creative Nest, is a business founded on uniqueness and creativity. The face behind Kookie’s Coo is Reetika Bhalla and her passion led her to take this step forward and show her talent. She quite promisingly designs and creates personalised, handmade event and party supplies which includes party invites, props, back […]

People born on 10th date (any month) are highly ambitious

By: Sanjivini Kalsi They have high self- esteem and confidence Number 10 will decide their own path and doing the things that it determines to do. They are very skilled people at whatever they choose to do, but they do so on their own terms. Independence is very important for them. They like to explore things […]

Healthy Recipe To Make Indian Samosa Every Day

Samosas are the quickest and hearty dish of every Indian platter which never misses any party menus, birthday events and mood swings. And if you ever crave for samosa, you ought to try Punjabi samosa once. Don’t worry, the steps won’t be an issue and neither the ingredients. Let’s start: Samosas are the quickest and […]

Australian indian Wedding Expo

Getting Married Soon? AUSTRALIAN INDIAN WEDDING EXPO is the perfect opportunity to plan your special day – hassle free. AIWE have collaborated with wedding professionals such as venue providers, caterers, make-up artists, musicians, event managers, decorators, wedding planners, fashion and others to showcase their products / services that’s going to assist you in organising a […]

Empower Australia Award Night

Empowerment in today’s world is a big word everyone has heard about but something most people don’t understand! The hottest topics of discussion these days are “Empowerment of women”; “Equal rights for women”…but what is being done to actually address the issue? Probably 1-2% of the world takes interest in these issues; rest just read […]

A tarot reader and reiki master Sanjivani Kalsi

She works with tarot cards and energies. She uses cards to find out what God and Spirits want her to know and offers advice and guidance to her clients. We asked her a couple of questions. Q: what challenges do you face in your profession? A: In this profession I have the opportunity to help […]

Horoscope reading for the month of September

Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that use a deck of special cards to help you find answers to your most important questions about love, relationships, your career, finances and more. Psychics and fortune tellers have used Tarot cards for hundreds of years. We can surely take the help of one of the fortune telling divinations called ‘Tarot […]

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