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“Coffee with Diamonds”

Ladies’ date with diamonds was organised by Joyti Tuli, Tuli Jewellers on 13th of January, 2019. The exquisite collection of Diamond jewellery at display captivated everybody present there. I am so overwhelmed to receive my diamond earrings. This is something I have been wanting since years, however I know that I would not buy it […]

Velvet Boutique

Velvet Boutique was one of the dress sponsors for the ‘Woman – An Enigma’ photoshoot, which was organised by Empowered Beauties With Brains and Sakhi Online in collaboration with some other amazing businesswomen. The aim of the photoshoot was to empower and uplift women through fashion and to provide a platform for women business owners […]

Beach fashion this summer

Sunny skies, birds’ songs and warm temperatures! There is no season like summer. It is the perfect time for swimming, sun-bathing and going to the beach. It’s hard to decide which beach fashion style to wear this summer. It’s not just what you will be wearing at the beach. It’s what you will wear to […]

A Candle for Every Woman

A candle can be a woman’s best friend. It can soothe her, calm her, relax her, and bring her peace and joy. Women’s personalities vary and ‘Candles By Sakhi’ has a scented candle to suit each and every personality. Our luxury scented candles are irresistible just like the women who love them. Our candles are […]

An Enigma Fashion Project Aiming To Uplift Women

Sakhi Online is a proud sponsor of ‘Woman – An Enigma’, presented by Empowered Beauties With Brains in collaboration with other businesses. It’s a fashion project aiming to uplift women through fashion and provide a platform for female designers, models, makeup artists, boutique owners etc to promote their skills and products. Here is a ‘behind […]

Top Fashionable Picks For Women In 21st Era

    The first impression is the last impression and in the case of women, this factor lasts forever. And thus, women are really choosy when it comes to their shop-able staples such as clothes, makeup, shoes and etc. They know very well how to make a mark on a person’s mind. A woman’s clothing […]

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